Acceptance Prayer





1. Do you want to receive the gift of eternal life that God would like to give you?

2. Do you understand that Jesus died to pay the penalty for your sins?

3. Do you want to receive forgiveness by repenting of your sins and accepting Jesus' death to pay the penalty for your sins?  (Your sins can be forgiven no matter how bad they are because Jesus' death is payment enough.)

4. Do you understand that Jesus is to be the Lord of your life to save you from a life of sin--not just give you forgiveness from past sins?

5. Are you ready to let Him change your heart and help you live according to His will, turning away from those things that are not pleasing to Him?   (Note: Everything He asks us to do will result in blessing for our own good.)

6. If there is something in your life you feel you cannot yet give to Him, are you willing to let Him change your heart so you will become willing to fully receive His salvation?

7.  Is it now your desire to choose to serve Him and daily ask Him to forgive you, change you, and guide you?


If you would like to let God into your life, pray the following prayer:

     "Lord Jesus, please come into my life right now.  I know I am a sinner and need your forgiveness. I realize that I can never be good enough to deserve eternal life.  But I believe you died to save me, so now I put my trust in you and accept you as my personal Saviour.  I give myself to you and receive you as Lord and master over my life.  Change me and help me to be willing to let you guide me in everything.  I accept your gift of eternal life and your power to forgive me and change me.  Thank you. Amen."


Now the Good News!
      Now, if you've given yourself to Jesus and accepted Him as your Savior, you are counted as righteous because Jesus' life stands in place of yours before the Father.  If you continue to abide in Christ by faith and the continual surrender of your will to Him, He will work in you to will and to do according to His wise plans.  You are His.   Let Him lead you.  You cannot change your our heart or earn salvation by being good, but you can choose to serve Him and trust by faith that He will save you and change you.  Renew your commitment to God each day, and your life will begin to change step by step.  Welcome to the family of God.   See Romans 8:1.