Interesting things at WACA

WACA has some special programs we have done or are doing this year:

  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Student-to-Student Respect and Relationship Training Program
  • Drama Team
  • After-School Basketball Training
  • Special Choir
  • Chimes, bells, and Advanced bells Music Program
  • Scientific Training in Creationism
  • MAP testing individualized student plans in math
  • Community Service Student Opportunities - a very fine program
  • Special student-targeted after-school tutoring in math and science
  • Training in Interpersonal Relationship Principles
  • After-school Volleyball Training
  • Character Training
  • Praise Team - Training and Performances
  • Safety Education as part of grades K-4 Physical Education Classes
  • Computer Coding
  • Student Training in Yearbook Production
  • Student Yearbook Photography
  • Music Fest Trip to Kansas City
  • After-School Care
  • Several-Day Eighth-Grade Class Trip
  • Sixth-grade Environmental School Trip
  • Two teachers with doctoral degrees
  • Pastoral Counseling available for students if requested
  • Qualifying Financial Assistance Plans

  • New upgrades to the building and equipment